Chewzie Dog™ FAQs

What are Chewzie Dog toys made of?

The Bone, Hive and Ball Chewzie Dog toys are made of natural rubber. The Barbell is constructed of durable nylon with natural rubber spacers. The Tube is made from hard plastic that is able to withstand vigorous playing.

What is a Treat Meter™?

The Treat Meter is made of soft, rubber prongs on the inside of the toy that control how often treats come out. The flexible prongs move aside to allow treats or kibble to be stuffed inside the toy. As the dog plays, treats randomly fall through the opening. The prongs can be trimmed with scissors or nail clippers to increase the flow of treats. The Treat Meter is found in our Bone, Hive and Ball toys.

What treats can you put in Chewzie Dog toys?

You can put all sorts of food and treats into the Chewzie Dog toys! Hard training treats are the perfect treat for the Chewzie Dog toys. You could also use cream cheese, peanut butter, or spreadable cheese. Or pour your dog’s regular kibble into the Tube and make your dog work for his dinner! We recommend that you monitor your dogs while playing with Chewzie Dog toys and inspect toys frequently after play sessions for wear and tear.

What is your replacement policy? What if I buy a toy and my dog destroys it?

While we strive to make our toys as durable as possible, we realize that no toy is truly indestructible. If you purchased the correct size for your dog and your dog destroyed the toy within 30 days of purchase and cannot use it anymore, we will happily provide you a one-time replacement with the same toy or an alternate toy. We do not offer replacements beyond the first time replacement unless you have received a defective product. If you believe the toy you’ve purchased is defective, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will work with you to replace the toy at 866-738-4379.